Rule of Thirds



One of the most basic of rules for composing your picture is called the Rule of Thirds.

When looking through your viewfinder, imagine that your view is split into a 3 x 3 grid like below:

(Doesn’t she look adorable with her little ponytails?!)

Using the Rule of Thirds means aligning your subject along one of the lines or even at a point where two of the lines intersect rather than centering the subject.

In the photo above, I aligned Gracie with the line on the left.  Her head also is at the point where the left and top lines intersect.  If I had put Gracie’s body in the middle, there would’ve been too much unnecessary space behind her and her hands possibly could have been cut off unless I had zoomed out in which case there would’ve been too much “dead space” surrounding her in the picture.  Do not be afraid to get close-up shots.  They are often some of the most compelling shots you can have!

Your Challenge:

Use the Rule of Thirds to compose your photo.  You may even want to try aligning the subject along different lines and at different points in addition to centering just to see what works best.

Feel free to link to your favorite photo(s) that use(s) the Rule of Thirds.

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